I Don't Want One, I Want them ALL!

You know the feeling, you walk into a store and as you wander through the aisles you stumble across the most glorious of all aisles, the candy aisle. While you're walking through the aisle you see rows and rows of gummies to choose from, maybe you want some sour worms? or the sweet classic gummy bears. But then wait, you glance up and see even more options to pick and mix, now you're stuck in a pretty gummy situation. You don't just want one gummy, you want them ALL! But if you start packing a bunch of gummy bags into your shopping cart the price for variety can start adding up pretty quickly not to mention the awkward stares you'll receive from the checkout lady once you start piling up those bags on the counter. Save yourself a trip to the store and avoid having this happen to you. Simply pick and mix your favorite gummies through our online store where you don't have to worry if variety will affect your price, simply choose a bag of Gummy Munchies; Original (16oz) or MiNi (1/2lb) bags then pick and mix as much gummies as you'd like for one flat rate.

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